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For some recent media appearances about

the Lavrov Trump Meeting in Washington DC on May 17, 2017

the James Comey Firing on May 11, 2017 ;   

Putin Tillerson Meeting on April 12, 2017

the Russia investigation on March 24, 2017;

The Trump Transition and Russia on December 16, 2016

For some not so recent media appearances on PBS Newshour, here,  here, Bloomberg TV, here here,  here, and Al-Jazeera, here, and here,  


I occasionally write for the Monkey Cage at the Washington Post and other popular outlets.  


You can find links

on vote fraud in the US

on elections in Ukraine,

on federalism in Ukraineon Crimea

on elections under autocracy 

and on the conflict in Ukraine.  

Here is also a post on political change in Russia from Foreign Affairs.





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